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Is your computer a little slow to respond anymore?
Does it seem to be dragging its feet and taking longer to do what you tell
Or does it not listen to you at all?
Are you thinking it is getting old and slow so it is time for a new one?
All of these symptoms might indicate your computer is sick.

There are many viruses out there that can affect your computer and cause
it to do strange things.
Sometimes a part wears out and we need to do a little surgery to get it
back up and running and feeling good again.

If you think any of these symptoms match what your computer is doing,
give us a call so we can help you.
Not looking forward to the tangle of wires and crawling around on the floor
to get the computer out for repair?
Don't worry. We come to your house and check it out right there with you
If there is something wrong that is going to take a while to fix, we will deal
with the mess of wires and take it out of it's cubbyhole and bring it to the
shop to fix it.
Then we will return it to you and plug everything back in for you and make
sure everything is working to your satisfaction.

We have had several requests to set up websites
and maintain them
for people and/ or organizations.
We are pleased to announce we are now ready to
assist you with these tasks whether you just need a little help getting
started or if you need us to do it all.

We can also set up newsletters, brochures, fliers, etc
for you and deliver them
to your favorite printer
in a format that is acceptable for them.

If you have any questions about our new services,
please email us at:
web pages and newsletters
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Rapid City, SD
Making sick computers well again
For more information or to
set up an appointment,
call Dennis at 605.718.2606
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